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Norwegian fisherman catches large red dildo »
Vinyl Unpronounceable: Marais & Miranda Go Native


First in a new series: the Vinyl Unpronounceable. We will henceforth share with you, our audience, the ripest fruits of our thrift-store sifting habit. These are records that deserve to be shared, and here is the first of them: a rollicking tiki-influenced romp inspired by the folk music of South Africa. Many songs are silly. Some bear a kind of seriousness that makes you wonder if the artists could ever really be serious. Best of all, every song treads upon our cherished modern sensibilities against cultural appropriation and for racial sensitivity… the album is all the more wonderful for it. Enjoy this new experiment, would you?

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People of the Soviet Union

Sicilian Space Program - how they sent a connolo to space

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What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

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